All racers need to read and follow the UK Rulebook, which can be downloaded as a PDF here. For newcomers, be sure to read and follow all of the car GSRs and the SE specific section. The class also requires competitors to complete a qualifying cruise at each race meeting which is covered in Street Eliminator specific rules which will be published here.

Below are some specific call outs from the rule book as guidance. Always consult the rulebook for the authoritative rules.

Racing class rules overview

  • The car must have an exhaust system that incorporates mufflers and exits behind the front wheels.
  • The car must run on widely available pump fuel, specifically unleaded, super unleaded petrol, LPG, diesel or E85.
  • Only one fuel cell is permitted.
  • Generally only one power adder is allowed. Nitrous + turbo only allowed 6cyl less than 3500cc.
  • Transmissions must be based on production factory options.
  • No wheelie bars.
  • Legal rear tyres
    • Hoosier Quick Time (Full tread pattern).
    • Mickey Thompson Sportsman.
    • Mickey Thomson Sportsman Pro.
    • BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial.
    • Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial and ET SS Street Radial limited to maximum 295 width in 60 profile or 325 width in 50 profile.
    • Any E marked tyre.
  • The car must have a minimum of two seats of the same size.
  • The car, unless a roadster, must have a minimum of two doors.
  • The car, unless a roadster, must have wind down, sliding, or removable side windows.
  • All cars must run 13.5 seconds or quicker to qualify for Street Eliminator competition.

Racing general safety rules (GSRs) overview

All cars
  • Fuel lines (except steel braided lines) in flywheel/bellhousing area must be enclosed in a 406 mm (16-inch) length of steel tubing…
  • All cars must have a water overflow catch-can, minimum 0.5 litre (1 pint)
  • Stock ‘C’ clip half-shaft retention prohibited as outlined in class requirements.
  • A propshaft loop is mandatory on all cars, except those running 11.49 seconds or slower equipped with street tyres.
  • The use of stock-type cast iron flywheels and/or pressure plates prohibited.
  • Brake pipe routing by bellhousing must be protected in a tube.
  • Ladder bars need safety loops.
  • Minimum 3-inches (76 mm) ground clearance.
  • All wheel studs must project into the hex portion of the wheel nut by a distance equal to one diameter of the stud.
  • Seats must be bolted with four bolts with nuts and washers on the bottom and one bolt in the rear into¬† crossbar; all bolts must go into frame or cross braces. (Only when a cage or roll bar is fitted.)
  • Batteries typically require M10 hold down bolts.
  • Battery isolator required if battery relocated with warning sticker.
  • Jacket and pants or suit meeting SFI spec 3.2A/5 or FIA standard 8856-2000, 8856-2018 is mandatory.
  • Gloves and boots or shoes meeting SFI spec 3.3/5 or FIA Standard 8856-2000, 8856-2018 mandatory
  • Hans mandatory (if using harness) FIA 8858-2002, 8858-2010 or SFI Spec 38.1
  • SFI balaclava mandatory with Hans / Neck brace required otherwise.
  • Helmet must be approved (check the rule book for specifics.)
Cars 12.00 and slower
  • No cage or rollbar required.
  • No harness required, must have good condition seat belts securely attached.
  • Neck brace required instead of Hans if not using harness.
Cars 11.99 and quicker
  • Flywheel shield required (manuals)
  • Rollbar tagged to 10.00 required (some exceptions). Main hoop 45mm dia x 3mm wall minimum.
  • Harness meeting SFI 6.1, 16.5 or FIA 8853-98 or 8853-2016.
Cars 10.99 and quicker
  • SFI 18.1 crankshaft damper required
  • SFI 4.1 Transmission shield or blanket required (automatics)
Cars 9.99 and quicker
  • SFI 29.1 or 29.2 flexplate required (automatics)
  • SFI 30.1 flexplate shield required (automatics)
  • Cage tagged 8.50 or quicker required.
  • SFI 27.1 window net required.
Cars 8.50 and quicker
  • Cage tagged to 7.50 required. e.g. SFI 25.4, 25.5
Cars 7.50 and quicker
  • Cage tagged to suitable ET required. e.g. SFI 25.1, 25.2, 25.3
  • Lower engine containment device (diaper) SFI 7.1 or 78.2 is mandatory.

Street Eliminator Association rules

** To come **